Thursday, 4 December 2008

Winter Warmers Swap

Handmade Item Swap

What kind of items are you interested in receiving?
Ooh I love, love, love socks. I only have dinky feet (UK3) too. Also adore fingerless mittens (have dinky hands too so the fingers are always a bit flippy flappy on gloves). You can never have too many scarves either but I like them long enough to wrap around a couple of times ( I blame exposure to the Tom Baker Dr Who at an impressionable age for this!). I take the dog out early in the morning so a cosy hat is always good too.

But quite honestly I am super easy to please and would be chuffed to bits to get anything at all made just for me!

Do you knit, crochet, or both?
Knit mostly but dabble in crochet now and again

What is your favourite colour?
I like purples, reds, greens and blues. Also partial to very bright combos as well esp rainbow colours.

What is your least favourite colour?
Not keen on white and yellow as am a bit of a muck magnet and can never keep things looking nice in these colours

What’s your style? (elegant, traditional, glamourous, girly, natural, sporty, outgoing, etc.)
Style? What's that??? Hmm... I suppose I would say I am casual with a penchant for the eccentric. An eclectic (in other words I just throw on any old combo!!). Love traditional and classic stuff too. Not particularly chic or fashionable really! Also as I am now in my 40s I cannot help myself and have to consider the 'comfort' of stuff these days. (Eek it will be elasticated waists and stay press pants next.... noooooooo!!!)

Do you have a favourite type of fiber or brand of yarn?
I like natural fibres best. Love any wool or wool blends, alpaca, silk blends. Any sock yarn is great to me but am particularly fond of the Natural Dye Studio, most indie dyers and good old Regia. Also very fond of King Cole merino blend - such a great all round wool.

Do you have a least favourite type of yarn?
I'm really not fussy about these kind of things but am not keen on the fuzzy fizzy yarns.

Do you do any other crafts?
Not really too addicted to knitting

Are there any knitting accessories you are interested in receiving?
I quite like the idea of having a go a spinning so a spindle would be lovely. Also my addi turbo circulars are getting a bit past it so could do with some more of those (2.5mm 60 cm). Stitch markers are useful too. Also I do need a nice retractable tape measure too - keep losing my ordinary one and I'm sure my girls have been playing tug of war with it!!

What do you like to eat?
Oh I do like food. I like herbs and spices and yummy stuff to add to my cooking. And for treats I like the usual suspects. Chocolate, old fashioned sweeties, biccies.

Any allergies/preferences (fiber-wise or treat-wise)?
I am blessed with the constitution of a dustbin and have no allergies to anything!

Anything we missed that you’d like your partner to know?
Can't really think of anything. Like I said I'm easily pleased!!

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