Monday, 29 December 2008

UK Swap - Warming Your Feet

Just in case you didn't already know. I LOVE SOCKS. I almost always have a pair on the go and they are my favourite protable project.

What is your favourite way of keeping your feet warm?

Socks without doubt.

Do you have a favourite pair of socks you reach for to keep your toes toasty?
My favourite socks are the ones knitted for me by Channon for the last sockapalooza. The photo (which I pinched from Channon's Flickr) doesn't do them justice and the colours are much deeper. They are still going strong 18 months and many washes later.

Is there a pair of socks/slippers you have been wanting to make for ages but haven't got around to?

Oh there are soooo many. I mean to do the Hedera socks sometime. Did start them but foolishly used black yarn and gave up in frustration as I couldn't see what I was doing. I'm always adding patterns to my Ravelry queue.

What is your favourite finished object that warms your feet?
My favourite FO is the very first pair of socks I ever knitted just over 2 years ago. They are a bright stretch Regia yarn and again are still going strong. I'm modelling them here at my sister-in-law's wedding. The M6 motorway was shut due to a really bad accident that day so it's a good job we went down on the bike or we wouldn't have made it. We just about got there in time to hear them pronounced man and wife!! Hence the bike gear - no time to get changed!

What is your favourite yarn to use for socks/slippers?

One of the best things about sock knitting, if not THE best thing, is the chance to indulge in a little luxury. You can splurge on wonderful yarn at a relatively low cost as you only need one or two skeins to make a fabulous pair of socks. I'm especially fond of the Natural Dye Studio sock yarn as it is sooooo gorgeous but also like Violet Green, The Knitting Goddess, Fyberspates and Laal Bear. Indie dyers yarn is always a real treat. But for everyday wear you can't beat good old Regia and Opal for longevity and value!

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Channon said...

Aren't you sweet?! I'm delighted that they're going strong and you like them so well!