Sunday, 4 December 2011

Come, come thou bleak December wind, And blow the dry leaves from the tree

So said Coleridge.  Mind you there aren't many leaves left to blow off around here anymore.  It's been a dank and dreary sort of a day here in Padiham.  The only reason we got out at all today is because it's the annual Toy Service for the girls' school.  So we went to that.

Nick wanted to go out on his bike but the weather just deteriorated.  Lots of rain and hail today.  Really nasty stuff and no fun to cycle in.  So he's been like a lost little boy for most of the day.  Looking out of the window and sighing a lot.

As it is now December we have put the Christmas tree up.  The usual routine ensued.  Phil Spector's Christmas Album and plenty of chaos.  But it's done and we all think it looks lovely.
Typical Christmas tree silliness
I even managed to crochet some little stockings for the tree.  There was meant to be 24 of them and they were going to make up an advent calendar but I didn't do enough of them in time so we'll just gloss over that one shall we.  Pattern courtesy of the lovely Monde de Sucrette blog.
Cute crochet stocking
Another cute stocking
Despite all of the festive stuff, it was still a pretty dull old day.  We should bake a cake was the general consensus.  However, we were a bit short of ingredients so we managed to cobble together a ginger cake.  Total comfort food fix.... it's got treacle, golden syrup, dark brown sugar and oodles of ginger in it.  A sure fire winner.  We had it with some custard and it was most definitely comforting....
Mmm... sticky ginger cake

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