Sunday, 11 December 2011

Early Christmas

Oh I have been rather spoiled this week.  I am taking part in a couple of swaps on Ravelry - the UK Sock Knitters secret santa and the UK Swaps Falling into Winter swap.

Both of my parcels have arrived this week.  Both left at oddball neighbours house who left them in vestibule without knocking or anything and therefore freaking me out a bit!  They are a funny bunch but that's a whole other story that I may tell one day...but probably not....

Anyway, the first parcel was the UK Sock Knitters secret santa....

Lovely Christmassy parcels

Willing opening package volunteers who know that sweeties are often involved in mummy's parcels!
Under such massive pressure from the girls opening had to happen straight away... no waiting under the tree until Christmas if sweeties might be involved... sigh...

So here's what arrived: some lovely mitts which have already moved into my coat pockets and are in use!  Two skeins of scrumptions sock yarn in colours I really like.  Old fashioned sweeties... yummy... all gone now! A little lip gloss/balm shaped like a russian doll.  A mini sock blocker kit and some stitchmarkers.  Awesome.  Feeling super spoiled.

 Been out and about visiting as usual on Saturday and found that my next lovely parcel from the UK Swaps Falling into Winter Swap had been hand delivered while I was out. I missed the lovely lady and am so sorry.  Very impressed with the dedication though!
What a lovely collection of treats. Enough sweets to open a sweetshop (according to the girls) lots of lovely yarn including some rather special hand spun.  Some jolly yarn for the girls too!  There was a delightful mini-shawl which has come in handy quite a lot of late.  A pencil case and contents.  A fantastic piece of hand made glass too which is difficult to see on the pic but very lovely and just needs a well lit home.  Utterly spoiled for the second time.

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