Sunday, 4 December 2011

First Snow

Just looked out and it's snowing.  Sleety snow but snow non the less!  Really feels like winter now.  Good job I am prepared and have knitted new hats and scarves! Yay!!

Also started an item for me.  A snug gilet in the nice James C Brett Rustic aran that I used for Little Friend M's cardie recently.  Same colour too.

Only problem is, there's no picture of the back and it's all textured so is taking AGES to knit.... sigh.... It will all be worth it I'm sure.  Eventually

Here's where I'm up to so far.  Just decreasing for the armholes.
Never ending back of gilet
This is described as "Rice Stitch" in the pattern. 

If you are interested it's a design from the Favourite Aran Knits 3 book by Sirdar.  Last design in the book.

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