Saturday, 31 December 2011

Gloomy but we do love to be beside the seaside!

Oh how miserable the weather has been these holidays.  We were so full of plans to get out and about but it just isn't any fun at all in this incessant rain we've been having.  It makes the days short, dank, dark and strangely tiring.  We are all clawing the walls with a desperate desire to get outside.  Having to resort to checking out the IKEA sale as our only excursion of the day.... sigh...

However, having said that, we did get over to Morecambe to visit Nick's dad earlier in the week and decided to have a walk along the promenade. Despite the gloomy looks of the day, it didn't actually rain so we set off.  There's been a big project to regenerate the promenade that we didn't know about so it was a really good walk.  There's lots of bird-themed artworks to see and the Stone Jetty is full of interesting bits and bobs.

Love these bird posts
A rock island. Art Deco Midland Hotel behind
Boats on the Stone Jetty
Looking out to see
Colourful fishing boats
It was great.  Will go again with bikes as you can cycle right along the front to Hest Bank and into Lancaster so could be a good day out.  Ice creams, picnic, sounds like a plan!  Only when it's a bit better weather.

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scarletti said...

Happy New Year, let's hope it brings in some better weather for fun!