Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Challenges

I think I mentioned that I was going to join in a 100 mile walking challenge during January.  Well I am doing quite well with it and here are the stats so far;

Distance walked - 45.52 miles
Time taken - 17 hours 31 minutes
Calories burned -  4879

Also just started a new knitting challenge.  The Double Heelix socks from It's a bit of a mind bender for me but I think I have cracked it.  Here's the first sock in progress.

Look! The heel spirals around. It's awesome!
Just in case you couldn't see the stonking spiral effect. Here's a close up. Spectacular spirals don't you think? I'm pretty pleased with it so far.
The socks are a birthday pressie for a friend of Big Girl so got to get them done by next weekend. Ulp! Last always! I decided on a saffron yellow / cerise pink colour combo to make the most of my amazing spiralling heels.
Bright and colourful contrasting colours

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