Monday, 21 January 2013

Singing, socks and snow

This week I have the pleasure of an unexpected week off work outside of the school holidays. It's great! The circumstances that led to this week off mean that I am carless but that is a plus as I am in the middle of my walk 100 miles in January challenge so at the very least I will need to walk the girls to and from school each day.

Last week they took part in a Young Voices concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester.  What an awesome event that is.  Hundreds maybe even a couple of thousand primary kids from all over the region getting together to make up a massive choir and sing together.
All the lit up areas are school children taking part in Young Voices

Children could take torches and it looked like stars
The African Childrens choir were one of the acts that were on and they were fabulous. Such energetic dancing while singing so well.  Amazing.  A really great evening and a wonderful experience for all of the children that have taken part in it.  Fancy being able to say, " yeah, when I was 8, I played the MEN arena in Manchester!" Brilliant.

There have been some friends' birthdays lately so socks have duly been knitted.  Timescales proved to be a little short.  A backup plan was needed and, ladies and gentlemen, the answer to shortness of time in respect of socks is this, 6 ply. Oh yes indeedy; so fast and quick to knit up!  And with the recipients having little feet ( still being little people ) I even got 2 pairs from one ball.  What a result!
Socks knitted in Opal 6ply sock yarn - Polar Lights
Just in case you hadn't noticed, we've had a bit of snow lately.  Actually, here in the North West of England it's been a bit lacking frankly but it has been quite heavy elsewhere and there has been a right old song and dance about it.  Here it was just plain disappointing.  The girls are desperate for a bit of snowman construction and there just hasn't been enough of the white stuff.

This may change though and we did get some more snow last night.  It was looking promising and the girls were crossing everything they could in the hopes of a day off school.  It wasn't to be though and we duly set off walking to school.
Not snowy enough for school to close! Enough for snowballs though!
Now as I have the week off I decided to take a long way home and headed up the hill from school.  As I got higher it got snowier and at the top of the road it was a beautiful winter wonderland.
Heading up the hill to the snowy woodlands
It was gorgeous and got even better when I turned onto a quiet lane (Back Lane) to head back to Padiham.  The tracks on the snow were made by the only vehicle I saw up there which was, of course, a postman in his red van!
Snowy lane
It was a rare treat indeed to have such snowy loveliness all to myself. I felt quite spoiled by it and glad to be alive.  There was sooooooo much unsullied snow to walk in.  I was in heaven - I just love making the first footprints into fresh snow!
This snow is mine, all mine!

Miles walked in January so far  - 74.23


Spinthrift said...

Ah yes - the pleasure of being the first to walk in fresh snow - especially when it is the kind that crunches and creaks under foot. I read a book to my class last week called "Kipper's Snowy Day" & it describes the newly fallen snow in the garden as being like a page in a book waiting to be written on!

PS The mittens you gave me in the Secret Santa have been extremely useful as when my gloves get wet it is great to have some gorgeous warm mittens to put on while they dry on the radiator (and vicaversa); this happens quite a lot as I can't resist handling the snow!

Padiham Knitter said...

Hello there

I'm glad the mittens have come in handy (oops accidental pun there!).

The snow on Monday was just the kind of snow you described. Crunchy and creaky underfoot but not icy or slushy. Just perfect. It was such a treat to be out in it instead of looking wistfully out of an office window.