Saturday, 29 November 2008

Life Begins....

This is the big day! I am now 40!

Been a lovely day so far. DH got up with the girls and then woke me up with a nice cup of tea. I sauntered downstairs a bit later and opened my cards. He's got me a balloon ride! I am soooo excited about it. I've always fancied a go in a hot air balloon and now I can. Not until next year though as they only do it from March to September but something to look forward to for sure!

In fact 2009 is going to be a year of adventures I reckon. Got the balloon ride and the big bike trip. Padiham to Istanbul! Can hardly wait.

Girls got me the DVD of Mama Mia which is fabulous. We watched it this morning and they enjoyed it too. Although I think only because of the Abba songs and the dancing. It was a bit like question time - who;s that? What's happening now? Why is he/she/they sad/happy/ angry??? You know the kind of thing!!

Got a giant pepper pot, a Remoska (cult Czech cooking device), a yogurt maker, and some lovely Regia silk sock yarn and other knitterly goodies too. And it's only just past lunchtime.

Just dropped the girls off at my mum's and we are out for a meal tonight.

Having such a good day so far!!

Life is definitely beginning!!!!!