Friday, 4 June 2010

The Boys Are Back In Town

Well we've just had a fun couple of days with H & O visiting for a couple of days. They were last here in February so their arrival was much anticipated and all the kids on the street turned up for a nosey at the girls' nephews. It was rather sweet.

So what did we do? Firstly a walk in the early evening. No chance of a runaround on the cricket pitch as there was a match on. Then on the first full day - a trip to the beach at St Anne's. It's on the edge of a river estuary so the tide goes out for miles and miles which means a huge expanse of beach to play on and build awesome sandcastles.

We set up camp quite a way out on the sand next to a funny little pier that is all on it's own in the middle of the beach. There's usually some water left underneath which is just what you need for the sandcastle moat.  We took a picnic and set up the beach tent. Yummy.
I'm not entirely sure what this lonesome bit of pier is for but it's strangely beautiful. Form or function? I couldn't honestly say. Looks so interesting though. On with the beachcombing because you have to find fabulous stuff to decorate your castle with. And there was lots to find. Loads of razor shells, mussel shells, cockle shells, interesting bits of driftwood, mermaids' purses, bits of seaweed, crabs .... allsorts if you take the time to look.
Then stand back and admire your work.
In the end there were two castles and a couple of rockpools. Lots and lots of digging was involved. We were all extremely busy! Time for a play on the bouncy slide followed by an ice-cream.
We were all hot and tired but had a really great time. The weather was fabulous and silly old me forgot the sunscreen so am a bit of a lobster.... ouch!

Today we were all a bit whacked out so we decided on a little trip to the park. Had fun on the playground and just larking about.
Needed to pick up some supplies - how can 4 small children devour over 2 pints of milk and a bowlful of fruit before 9 o'clock in the morning? Passed the skate ramp and had to stop for some urgent sliding!
Fun, if a little hot on little bottoms! As you can see another glorious day today. We were all hot and flustered so it was definitely time to dig out the paddling pool. The one I bought on a whim a couple of weeks ago that is a bit bigger than I thought. Blimey, it doesn't half take some blowing up. However, Nick came up with a brilliant way to get around the endless pumping. We have a Kirby vacuum that was a real ebay bargain and it blows air as well as sucks. This blew up the pool in no time. Hooray! Virtually effort free! Also very good for unblocking drains we've found!

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