Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain rain go away!

Hmm... a very drizzly start to the month. Oh well definitely a cinema kind of day. So off we went. Saw Shrek Forever After in 3D. First 3D film I've been to since it came back into fashion and I have to say I was impressed! It was also a return to form for the Shrek movies and we laughed our heads off all the way through.  There was a bit of a green cast to the film which I got used to after a while and thought was something to do with the 3D. Turns out it was a fault so we got some free tickets to use for any film at any time! What a good do. A free trip to the cinema!!!

It's half term at the moment so I'm off work and at home with the kids. I just love my term time hours! Got stepson the younger's boys coming to stay for a couple of days at the end of the week which we are all looking forward to. Little boy next door especially as he's always outnumbered by the girls! Should be lots of fun. Will be quite restful going back to work!

Nipped to Clitheroe in the afternoon to get some fabulous coffee from The Exchange Coffee Company. You may have seen their Caffeine Rush vans at various locations. Anyhow got some "Clitheroe Blend" for a swap I'm doing and some Indian Monsoon Malabar for us. The house smells fantastic at the moment.

Also wanted to visit the Witches Galore shop in Newchurch-in-Pendle but got hopelessly lost and ended up back in Clitheroe without knowing quite how that happened. The girls thought it was hilarious (especially as I got lost on the way to McDonalds earlier in the day) and I am now referred to as "Mummy Lost Pants".

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