Monday, 28 June 2010

Lovely Parcels

What a day I've had for getting lovely stuff. Be warned there will be a LOT of gushing in this post

Got to work to find choccies and a thank you note from a colleague for getting her through her ECDL. Really nice of her considering it's my job to do just that! It's great to be appreciated though.

Then postie had been and I had to go and collect a couple of parcels from some swaps I've been doing lately.

Firstly, the Baktus exchange. A fantastic scarf in some lovely Violet Green sock yarn in awesome colours. I absolutely love it and am half hoping for a return to frosty weather just so I can wear it. But there was more.

A pair of socks - also done in super funky Violet green yarn. I love getting socks. I knit them all the time but not so often just for me so it's a real treat to get a pair made just for me by someone else. They are just the right size and not too long which is perfect for my short little legs! And finally, there were some mitts. Big and there was no need for an apology as they are just right for Nick and he really likes them. Many thanks to Angrymum aka Heidi for all the time and effort that must have gone into her parcel. I am so spoiled.
Just check out this bodacious Baktus scarf!
 And I so love these socks! Didn't realise how tricky it was to take photos of your own feet though! I am just so shaky!

Also got my UK Swap parcel courtesy of greenpixey aka Ewa. Another complete and utter spoiling. She really went with my current crochet obsession and I have a selection of Stylecraft and Rico yarns to play with in fabulous colours. There was also some soft touch crochet hooks (no more achey wrists for me dear readers!), sweeties, a fab felt purse and some cute crochet critters that the girls have spirited away immediately. Also some scented loveliness in there too.

Right. I think I need to go and have a lie down now!

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