Saturday, 19 June 2010

June is Busting Out All Over

Oh it's been a lovely month so far. Not as hot as it was at the end of May but some gorgeous days and lots of lovely things coming out in the garden at the moment.

I am loving my roses this year. The yellow ones are looking especially delightful.
Also very pleased with my window box this year. It makes me smile every time I look at it either from the inside or out in the garden.
Also got some fabulous rhododendron flowers at the moment but I think they may be later than usual on account of the cold winter we had - I'm sure they are normally out April/May time.
There's also the promise of treats to come as the bramble/blackberry flowers are also out. This will involve lots of berry picking by the girls but not so much brought home. Purple faces and stains that will never leave clothing will be the order of the day in a few weeks time. The flowers look so pretty though.
Oh and I mustn't forget the cheerful stripy petunias. They're great. So in your face and improbable looking. Like someone has been colouring them in.
The upshot of all of this loveliness has been the start of a new project. (hopes you won't notice a distinct lack of finishing of other recent projects at this point.....) Couldn't resist joining in with the Granny Stripe Blanket hookalong that's going on at the moment so here is my version so far. Got a load of Stylecraft Special DK from the knitting stall on Leyland Market. Run by a very patient lady who was most obliging when I asked her to get lots of different colours out so I could look at them all side by side to find the shades I was after. Lovely lady. Highly recommend a look at her stall if you are ever in the area.
I am really enjoying this blanket. The colours are working out beautifully and it reminds me a little bit of all the lovely flowers that are really zinging in the garden at the moment. Every row I add is making me smile. What a fun project.

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scarletti said...

You still have rhododendron!! Gee it must be grim up North! Gorgeous colourful post :)