Saturday, 14 January 2012

Frosty morning and last minute socks

Oops, I forgot to mention this earlier.  Managed to finish the socks for little friend E's birthday just before midnight last night.

Took a few pics before wrapping them for the party this morning
Lost the ball band but I think this is a Rico sock yarn
I've knitted socks for this girl for the past few birthdays. She seems to really like them.

I quite like the way the colours have pooled
Gratuitous arty sock shot!!
Must just mention what a  gloriously sunny and frosty morning it was today.  The third day of decent winter weather.  It was really frosty and I love the way that frost outlines everything in white.

Frosted bark chippings

Everything looks like it's has some kind of photoshop effect applied to it.  Took Sally out on the emergency trip to the shop to get the birthday card I forgot to buy and had oodles of fun jumping on and cracking icy puddles!!
Wintery morning at the back of the house.

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