Sunday, 22 January 2012

Padiham Wildlife and an extra small Giant

Hello there

Ooh it has been a very busy and exciting week here.

Firstly, new windows.  After over a decade of umming and ahhing we decided it was finally time to sort the windows.  The back two upstairs windows in particular were in a terrible state and on the verge of dropping to bits.  We really didn't think that they would take any more patching up.  The front windows were single glazed and rather  draughty.  They were, however, real sash windows so we were ridiculously over-attached to them.  They were not the original sash but some relatively recent replacements so the wood was not properly seasoned and would swell in the rain making the windows impossible to open (or shut if left open!) again when damp.  The condensation was atrocious and there was mildew forming in places.  During the last couple of cold winters they actually froze on the inside even with central heating on!!  Sadly, double glazed modern sash were completely out of our budget so they have gone but we have replaced them with lookalikes that aren't too bad.  They are wood effect and look really, really nice.  Very pleased. The back windows tilt and turn which means the bottom half totally swings inwards which will be fantastic on balmy summer evenings (you can stop laughing now.... it has been known to happen).

When I was busily showing off the windows to the girls we saw the deer again.  Two of them
mooching around in the back. At about teatime too.  Amazing.  Saw them again this morning.
If you look carefully, in the middle of the picture, you can just about make out one of our deer visitors,.
Hope they stay around as they are almost impossible to photograph but I keep trying!

All the window work happened on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  As there was a teeny bit of cash left over we have ordered some new paper for the girls bedrooms.  They ripped off what is there when they were little and assure us that at nearly 9 and 7 1/2 they are much more responsible now!  They'd better be.  Anyway, younger girls has picked some colourful flowery paper and older girl has gone for bright hearts.  All very girly but lovely too.  I feel a burst of matching crochet throws and cushions in the offing!

We've also booked a week in a yurt in the Lake District at Easter.
A-glamping we will go in this very yurt!!
 We though it would be huge fun and a lot warmer than our tent as there is a wood burning stove in it.  Also we can't manage to take all the camping gear and the bikes with us in one go.  If we stay in the yurt we can take the bikes and get lots of cycling in.

The above plan does herald some sad news though... sigh... the Duchess, my current bike, is not up to the task.  If all I did was nip to the local shop, then all would be well, but I need to travel along rough tracks, tackle big hills and generally have a bit of an adventure.  So I have a new bike as of yesterday.  It's a Giant bike, only being such a short arse, it's an extra small Giant, of course!!
This it my new extra small GIANT!
It is brilliant and I love, love, love it.  Rode it home from the shop in Burnley yesterday and it was awesome.  Didn't quite have the seat height right so got a bit of the old sore buttocks today but once height adjusted it's just fine.  I am used to a large, well padded and sprung seat so it will take a bit of getting used to the sliver of plastic they call a seat on this type of bike.  I will just have to HTFU.  (This apparently, is a technical term which stands for Harden the F@@@ Up!).

Despite, the tender derriere we decided that we needed a foray to Gisburn Forest.
Gisburn Forest.  We rejected the basic route and went straight for the more exciting moderate route!

So off we went and a marvellously muddy time was had by all.  It was a bit cold at times but the girls were intrepid and fearless and got stuck in.
Quite early on in our ride.  We are all mud free!

I got stuck in too and went flying around the course whooping and giggling and ripping through puddles like a madwoman.  I can highly recommend it!

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scarletti said...

Do report on yurt- I've been looking at these and yearning!!