Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Time to get back in the groove

Well that's it then.  School hols finished and the girls are back at school tomorrow.  I'm back at work too so we will have to get our act together instead of lounging around for ages in dressing gowns watching telly and chilling out.  None of that sort of thing tomorrow.  It's all go, go, go!

I am very pleased with myself though.  I've managed to be organised for once and there is a full compliment of clean and ironed school uniform hanging in the wardrobe, bags have been located and made ready for the morning, PE kit washed and ready to go back and lunches done and dusted ready for tomorrow.  Hooray!  Let's hope this organisation isn't a one week wonder.

Nipped to have a look around Skipton today.  It's really not that far from us and it's a while since I had a look around.  Took the girls and the plan was to get chips and find the shop where a friend of ours works.  The river near the town had burst its banks and was impressively flooded which was a matter of great interest to the girls.  Shamefully, I can't tell you which river it is - blush.

The weather was pants.  Bitterly cold and biting wind, hail at times and lots of rain.  We had to keep diving into shops to escape and get warm.  This is how we found the shop of our friend - Emma's Apothecary- and it was full of gorgeous and lovely things.  We also wandered through Rackhams and tried out lots of perfumes so were a bit pungent when it stopped raining enough to venture back out again.

Might try to cycle to Skipton as it's on the canal so should be relatively easy riding.  Will wait for sunnier weather and temperatures first though!

Sock yarn blankie progressing nicely.  It's very, very addictive and has been the perfect way to pass all the stuck indoors rainy days.  121 small squares and 7 big ones so far.

Got some other stuff to finish but it's all on a bit of a back burner at the moment. Must tear myself away from the blankie or limit the amount of squares I do at once.


scarletti said...

Well done you, and glad to see you pulled it off with style the first morning!I need training:

We're still looking for the elusive workbook that should have been handed in on the first day of term - looking has even involved unpacking the Christmas box in the attic, emptying the several bag loads of recycling, lifting every piece of book-slippable-under furniture. Methinks it doesn't want to be found!

Padiham Knitter said...

It only lasted a day. Lurgy struck and it all went to pot the very next day!!

Monday tomorrow - will attempt to start again. Especially walking the dog as she has been looking at me ever so reproachfully for the last few days.