Sunday, 8 January 2012

If at first you don't succeed...

Hey ho, and it was all going so well last Wednesday.  Should have finished the week before commenting about it really.  Clouds have descended again, lurgy has struck and those negative voices keep on telling me how hopeless, pathetic and worthless I really am.  It is pants. Big old stinky pants.

I am not going to renew the pharmaceuticals. I need to get my stinking thinking kicked into touch.  It's a destructive cycle to be in and so cruel.  There's no way on earth I would be so hard on another person. It's time I was nicer to myself.

The dog is fed up as I haven't taken her out since last week and this is the face I am greeted with most of the time;
Come on woman! Take me for a walk!!
The girls went to see the Nutcracker yesterday.  Their first ballet and they loved it.  They went with their grandparents and have stayed over.  Nick is working this weekend so I've mostly been on my own.  This is a good thing I think.  Got some time to think and plan and kick myself up the bum.

I have found three things that have made me feel a bit happier today.

  1. Took the dog out for a walk!  She was so chuffed.  Found a discarded pint glass while we were out so that was an unexpected bonus.  God knows what people were thinking when they saw me walking around with a pint glass in my hand!!
  2. The bulbs I planted last year are starting to pop up.  I had completely forgotten about them so that cheered me up no end.  Haven't got a clue what I put where but it will be a pleasure to wait and see what comes out.
  3. Sock yarn blankie - lots of ends need to be sewn in so I decided to keep them in a jar.  They look pretty and make me smile when I look at them.

Sock yarn blankie ends... so far


scarletti said...

Keep going, you can do it. No, you *have* done it and you *can* do it again : )

hookedbyholly said...

I keep all my yarn ends too :) they came in handy when I made some little juggling balls and didn't have any stuffing left