Saturday, 14 January 2012

A rainbow in my project bag

Top Row: Fondant, Lipstick, Shrimp, Saffron
Bottom Row: Spring Green, Cloud Blue, Bluebell, Wisteria

I am skint as anything at the moment, totally brassic, but decided to splash out on some rainbow loveliness.  It is bargainous Stylecraft Special DK so it's a fairly low key splurge.  I'll be embarking on a ripply blanket for younger  daughter.  It will be a mix of Attic 24/Sucrette in looks.

I've noticed some pain in my hands and especially in my elbow lately.  I think I may have Knitters Elbow (otherwise known as Tennis Elbow).  Eek... I will just have to shovel in the ibuprofen and take it easy.  Can't possibly not knit.  Apparantly, you can get some kind of support bandage.... may have to check that out.  Curse the onslaught of age!!  Bits of me keep giving up the ghost.  My teeth and gums are knackered, my eyes are going and now I have achy joints.  It'll be stay press slacks and incontinence pants next..............

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Ruth@VS said...

I sympathise! Got the bad news about needing a reading prescription the other day, and know exactly what you mean about knitter's elbow, which I suffer from every christmas! Lovely yarn.