Sunday, 11 March 2012

Big pat on the back

Today is an anniversary.

Twelve months, that's a whole year, of not smoking.  Hip, hip, hooray!!  It really hasn't been that bad. Surprisingly easy in fact... here's how it has gone

Days 1-3
Cold turkey quit over a weekend.  Bit foggy and hazy, drank lots of fruit juice to help alleviate blood sugar levels.  Only a few pyscho rage episodes.  Nowhere near as hellish as I'd imagined.

There is lots of really helpful information about going cold turkey on the Why Quit website. It's well worth a read through but be warned there is lots and lots and lots of stuff to go through.  It's very informative though and I think knowing some of the ways nicotine affects and changes the way your body works is quite shocking.

Day 4-9
First week at work without smoking.  Not a problem.  No real urges to go back on it. Hadn't really had any cravings at all, it's more a case of forgetting that you don't smoke any more and then being a bit unsure what to do with yourself.

This is the first stage of tackling your smoking triggers.  You have got to keep positive and focussed about stopping and it's not so bad.

Month 1
Physical withdrawals included: disturbed sleep, foul metallic taste in mouth, irritability.

It seems really unfair that you do something 'good' like giving up smoking and spend the first few weeks suffering a whole range of withdrawals that no-one tells you about!!  Sleep disturbance, digestion problems, constipation, foul taste, coughing, nose bleeds, bleeding gums etc etc.... it's almost enough to make you go out start up again.

You have to look at it positively.  It's all about the healing.  Most smokers start in their teens and so you have to adjust to not smoking in an adult body.  It takes longer to heal when you are older so these symptoms can go on for a while. It's a good thing though - it means you are getting rid of the harm that the smoking did to you.

Month 6
Most physical stuff now sorted.  No annoying cough when lying down in bed anymore. Appalled by the smell of smoking now... glad to be free of all that.  Beginning to get to a point where most smoking triggers have occurred and have sailed through.  Beginning to think of myself as a non-smoker.

12 Months
Barely think about smoking now.  Ready to tackle the extra weight I've put on.  A combination of eating a bit more and altered metabolism.  Although, age and laziness also contributing factors! Still grumpy though I think I've probably always had that tendency!  Just wish I'd got to this point a lot sooner.

It is still a victory though and I am patting myself on the back.  Well done me!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, well done you, indeed! Congratulations on being smoke-free for a whole year!
See you in a couple of weeks.