Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring is sprung

It seems that lots of people are obsessing about the beginning of Spring.  It's a national hobby I think.  Taking notice of the weather, flowers, wildlife and anything that hints of warmer and longer days to come. It's no exception here.  The girls will persist in getting bigger so new walking boots have been purchased and today was an excellent chance to wear them in and look for those signs of spring.

We are really extremely lucky to live in a little town that is truly only moments away from open countryside, woodland, parkland and riverside scenery.  So off we set. Up the main road to the park to begin our stroll.
Through the gates and a moment to admire the carpet of crocus.  Looking lovely.  Purple on one side and white on the other.
Past the bowling green at the other side of the river.  Not much going on at this time of year but the little wooden pavilion looks to have had a recent coat of paint and is looking rather smart. After passing through the park, it was on to the river path to look for pussy willows.
They are a bit sparse this year as it was all getting a bit overgrown along the footpath last year so there was some very harsh cutting back at the end of autumn.  We did manage to spot these beauties though.

We also spotted lots of the hanging catkins as well as some cheery and very bright yellow celandines.  Looks like spring is springing up as we speak.

Follow the river path around to see what we can see.  Lots of activity with the usual crowds of Mallards, a few Muscovy ducks and a pair of extremely noisy geese.  We carry on along the river path and then head off to Grove Plantation, a favourite woodland spot.

It's a fairly old wood and was once adjoining some open cast mining and quite industrial which is almost impossible to imagine nowadays. It's had some regeneration over the last few years and there is a sweet little stretch of it called the Trail of Words.  There are some lovely wood sculptures and some poetry for you to look at.

There are also lots of hollow trees.  Sadly the girls are beginning to get a bit too big to squeeze in together like in years past but Littlest Girl just couldn't help herself!
Glance across the field to see the magnificent Gawthorpe Hall. There are stately homes close by too. All this wonderful stuff within minutes walk of our house.  We are blessed.

After park, riverside and woodland we turn off and head up through the fields to make our way home.  It's quite smelly at times as there are huge pyramid shaped piles of what we think is some kind of poultry poo.  Stinky.  But all that is blown away when we see this....

...Yes!  The first lambs of the year.  A field full of them. We have now declared it officially.  Spring is definitely sprung
Look! Twin lambs.  Double ahhhhhh!!

So there you have it.

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