Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mothers Day Outing

It was Mothering Sunday at the weekend so what to do, what to do.... the weather looked promising so we decided to head out for a walk and then some lunch well deserved after a bracing walk. Off to Silverdale.
Me and my mum
A real family favourite and I always have a hankering to go and have a wander round once or twice a year.  It's not too far away and sits on Morecambe bay on the Lancashire border.  It's an area of outstanding natural beauty and, well, I just like it lots and lots.
Lindeth Tower where Elizabeth Gaskell spent her summers
We parked outside the Wolf House Gallery and walked down the lane past Gibraltar Farm and Lindeth Tower where the victorian novelist Elizabeth Gaskell spent her summer holidays.  It must have been a wonderful escape from the smog and grime of industrial Manchester.  The views of the bay from the tower must be spectacular.  We got to the footpath on Jack Scout, a promontory owned by the National Trust and just about the only cliff on Morecambe bay.  It's a hot spot for lots of orchids at various times of the year probably due to the mild microclimate that's there.  We didn't spot any orchids but there was lots of gorse in flower.  Gorse has a lovely coconutty smell.  Yummy.
Gorse on Jack Scout, Silverdale
There are one or two little coves to explore here which are rocky and interesting.  You can't venture too far out though.  Innocent and enticing as it may seem danger lurks in these parts such as sudden fast tides and quicksand.  Can't be too careful.
Magnificent Morecambe Bay
We headed along the edge of the coast as the tide was out to Jenny Brown's point.  Lots of rock scrambling for the girls and interesting stuff to look at.  Love the green posts that were sticking up randomly. Presumably to moor boats... I'm not sure.  They look great though.
We were blessed with lots of lovely sunshine.  It was really warm at times but quite chilly in the shade or when the sun briefly disappeared behind one of the infrequent clouds.
A PadihamKnitter shadow!
Reached the picturesque Jenny Brown's cottages.  Time to sit for a few minutes with our flask of hot chocolate and some biccies and just look and ponder.
Jenny Brown's Cottages
The sea must come right up to these cottages as there judging by the bits and bobs hanging over the wall.  Lovely spot though, if a bit isolated.

Time to head back to Silverdale for some lunch.  Just one more place to visit on the way back around - the Giant's Chair.  Luck was on our side and we had it all to ourselves.  It's really annoying if you get there and someone is already sitting on it, or worse picnicking on it as they are in for the long haul then.
All together on the Giant's Chair
Back into Silverdale and lunch at the Silverdale Hotel.  It was warm enough to sit outside too which was handy as we had dogs with us.  Sarnies and chips - nothing too fancy and then a stroll back to the cars via the Wolf House Gallery. Had a coffee there while the girls had a run around the play area and we checked out Janice McGloine the resident artist.  I love her quirky paintings and her unique style - check them out.  Here's an example
Janice McGloine  'Quirky' picture
So there you have it, a really splendid day out!

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JuicyFig said...

How fantastic! I must admit Silverdale is my favorite place to visit - we camp at Gibralter and Wolf House is not only Gorgeous to look at but smells fabulous too! You have made me hanker for a visit very soon!