Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bye bye bike and hello new tech

Firstly some sad news.  After over a year of commuting to work on his pedal powered bike, N decided to sell his bike.  It was a bit of a wrench to let it go but it has just been sitting outside the house not being used. We don't have a garage it can't really be taken off road and stored so the decision was taken.
Col du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees
We've had some fun times on this bike so it feels like the end of an era for us.  But then again, we are into different things these days.  Given some time to do what we like, it would more likely be a walk in the fells or a challenging cycle.  Not so much bike ride.... sigh...

Bye bye bike
We put iton ebay and got a very decent amount of interest and a good price for it so that was a relief.  Nick treated me to an iPhone and has got a watch that does loads of sporty monitoring type stuff (he's into that type of stuff) and has discovered Endomondo to upload all of this worthy activity - apparently his work colleagues have the bug too so it's all very completive and manly!!! That said, it's a very cool idea and worth checking out.

I have had an android handset for a while now and have been telling myself (and everyone else) that it does all the same stuff that an apple phone does for all this time.  I can now admit to you that I was talking lots and lots of bunkum.  This phone wipes the floor with anything else on the market and I haven't even got the very latest super-duper model either!  Love it!

Still getting used to the camera though and need to play with that a lot more.  Love the GPS and mapping which comes in handy and well it's simply gorgeous.  So tactile and well put together.  Me happy!

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Daisie said...

I miss our biking days in a time BC (before children), we haven't sold them though and they are snuggled in the garage awaiting the children becoming big enough to be left so we can go on long romantic, exciting rides like we used to! New chapters in life can be exciting x