Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 3 - Four go hiking to Hawkshead

The weather was lovely so we decided to follow a bridle path we spotted and head off to Hawkshead.  Girls were up for it as there was the prospect of cake once we got there.
Walking to Hawkshead
Stepping Stones
As you may remember the nation was gripped by a fear of fuel shortages and panic buying of petrol had been a bit of an issue in the day or so before we set off on hols.  It was refreshing to see that even under these ridiculous circumstances people hadn't entirely lost their sense of humour!
Funny signs around Hawkshead
We really enjoyed our walk into Hawkshead.  The bridleway took us as far as Outgate just up the road from the pub ( I later cycled down this bridleway - great fun - and fell off my bike into the river by the stepping stones pictured above!!) After that we thought we would have to walk along the road but there was a path running alongside the road which was great because it's quite a busy road with no pavements.

Once in Hawkshead, we headed for the Sun Cottage Cafe for a spot of lunch.  What a find that place was.  Gorgeous door-stopper sandwiches and the most MASSIVE cakes you have ever seen!  The photo doesn't do them justice.  They must be around 20 inches in diameter and about 8 inches high. HUMUNGOUS... and yummy
Enormous Cakes at the Sun Cottage Cafe in Hawkshead

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