Monday, 9 April 2012

Four Go Wild in a Yurt

Oh yes we had a simply spiffing time last week.  A wonderful Easter Break in the lovely, lovely Lake District.  As it can get rather chilly at nights this time of year we decided to do something a bit different and so booked the week in a yurt.

Our woodland yurt
We found a yurt on the gorgeous Low Wray Campsite.  The site is owned by the National Trust and is in a fantastic setting on the shores of Lake Windermere.  It's an idyllic, hidden gem of a place and we have been wanting to stay there for ages.  When we spotted the alternative camping options that are available now we didn't half get excited.  There are camping pods, tipis, yurts and even gypsy caravans available for something a bit different.  Our yurt was from the lovely people at Wild in Style who also have the gypsy caravan.

Gypsy Caravan at Low Wray
Bright and cheerful tipis
Look how cosy our yurt is!
The yurt was an 18 ft yurt, so there was plenty of room for the four of us.  There were two very comfy sofa/futons, a table and chairs, small stove for cooking and, best of all, a wood burning stove.  It's very light and airy inside too with a window at the apex.
Our view of the sky
 There was a quirky barbecue outside the yurt that looked like it was made from an old washing machine drum.  Did the job though and we enjoyed making coffee in our coffee pot on it. ( this was the only food/drink related item we had brought with us since everything you might need was already supplied)
Barbecue - making coffee and alternative brazier later on when it got chilly!
As I mentioned earlier, Low Wray is a gorgeous campsite.  It's absolutely fantastic for children.  They can roam around and go wild.  There are a couple of play areas for them and plenty of locations for den building and having a rumpus. There are lots of other children so new best friends are made almost every day.  There were loads of girls around this time which was brilliant for our two.

Making friends and building dens at Low Wray
One of the best things about the site is the space you have.  The woodland section is especially good as everyone is in their own little hollow so it's really quite private.  It's also very quiet - well, by quiet I mean there is no traffic noise, or music or modern noise.  The geese are very noisy at the moment and there are lots of woodpeckers, owls and feral children at different times.  It's not overly lit either so lots of fun going to the loo at night with torches an absolute necessity ( unless the moon is out - don't need a torch then).

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scarletti said...

Oh gosh, want to go want to go. Brings back so many memories of brilliant childhood holidays in that neck of the woods. The last time I was up there camping I was largely pregnant in tent... so it should be more comfortable than that... though my heart goes out to that family with the wrecked tent, Hope they got warm and dry enough to laugh about it before their holiday was out!