Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 5 - Four get caught in the snow

Brr, it was definitely a bit on the chilly side today.  Never mind, we decided to head off to Keswick to have a look around.  Lots of shops there to warm up in. Blimey it was cold, and windy and raining.... or.... gasp!....could it be starting to snow.  Yes, yes it was beginning to snow.
People fleeing from the cold, sleety weather in Keswick
Unsurprisingly, it was relatively quiet in the town.  And it was getting really cold.  We ended up getting a couple of new coats for the girls as they looked frozen and then decided to head to Booth's supermarket to stock up on a few things.  We spotted some bags of coal and decided that it would probably be a good thing to get some in as it was looking increasingly likely to be a stormy night.

On the way back we stopped off in Grasmere to go to the famous Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. It's a tiny little shop and the lady who served me was all dressed up in a victorian outfit complete with mop cap.  It was great except for the fact we had to queue outside in the increasingly heavy snow.  I still can't believe I did that.  the gingerbread is very good though and you should definitely try some if you are ever passing.

Had a quick visit to the Herdy shop too.  Their sign blew off in the night during the storm!  We headed back to the yurt.  Got the coal going in the stove and very cosy we were too.  Coal burns much longer than wood and as it was clear that it was going to be a very, very chilly night we didn't want the fire to go out if possible.  It didn't and we were toasty all night.  The wind really got up and other than around the door, we had relatively few draughts.  The yurt was in a nice sheltered spot so there was very little movement despite some very gusty wind during the night.

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