Monday, 30 April 2012

Four Scramble Up a Waterfall

Bit late posting this.  Life and lots of stuff has been getting in the way but more of that in another post I think.

Easter Sunday and what better activity than a walk.  Off to the Yorkshire Dales, we thought, for a rather lovely circuit around Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove.  Lots of interesting things to look at and the promise of a climb up a waterfall was just soooo exciting for the girls.

First place we got to was the beautiful Janet's Foss.  Even in very early spring with not much greenery, it is still a gorgeous and magical place.  Most definitely an enchanted place for the fairies we agreed.
Looking for Fairies on the way to Janet's Foss
Janet's Foss - a practically perfect waterfall
After resisting the urge to get into the beautiful pool at Janet's Foss we continued on to Gordale Scar.  A waterfall on another scale really.  Very imposing and impressive.
The scramble up Gordale Scar
I am pleased to report that big girl, little girl, Sallydog, and mummy all managed to get up in one piece.  Time for lunch at the top.  Watched the cloud descend while munching on sandwiches and pork pies.  Then off to walk on the limestone pavements.
Little girl scrambling up like a little mountain goat!
Walking on limestone pavement in the cloud
The cloud came down to the floor after a bit so the approach to Malham Tarn was a bit miserable really. Wet and cold and rather blustery.  We decided to head straight to the Cove instead and on the way down the weather did improve a little.  Everyone and his dog was on the top of the cove it being Easter Sunday and some seriously inappropriate attire on show too. I kid you not, there were people up there in sandals and flip flops.

Despite the crowds, Malham Cove never fails to impress so we finished off the flask of coffee and sat and watched the climbers for a while before heading back to the car and then home. A grand day out.
Climber in action at Malham Cove

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Yup! Geography GCSE- brings back those fieldtrip memories!