Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 6 - Four recover from the storm

In the morning, I heard that lots of people went off to B&Bs because they were too cold during the night and one poor family had their tent totally trashed by the winds.  They were camped on the lake side in a spot I'd been envious of a couple of days previously - not now though.  The poor family simply left the tent and went home.
Tent trashed by the storm
It was a glorious, sunny day but oh my it was so, so, so, so cold.  Really bitterly cold.  It was still very windy and it was the wind that seemed to slice through you.  Windermere was very choppy and there were proper little waves on the shore.
Icy cold, choppy Lake Windermere
Up on the hills there was lots and lots of snow.  Looked beautiful.
Snowy lakeland 
Compared to lots of other places in the UK we got away with it pretty lightly and most of the snow was gone by the evening.  Just the odd pocket of white in the deeper recesses of the hills.  It was much worse in Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

I was really feeling the cold though and so we didn't get up to a great deal.  Just headed over to Windermere and Bowness for a look around.  Took the car ferry across and headed back around.  Had to pop into the Lakeland store to look at all the fabulous things that I didn't know I needed until I went there.  Very restrained we were though, and only got some chewy liquorice!

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