Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night and Bike Trips

Just got back from stitch and bitch at Sheila's woolshop and it's bonfire night. Lots of people seem to be going for it tonight and it's all foggy and smoky. Love it - it takes me back to childhood. I used to love wandering around in the dark in my wellies checking out all the local bonfires. It's just not like that anymore sadly. No self-respecting parent would let their kids wander around like we used to and the health and safety bods have insisted on making you register your bonfire (not to mention scaring the bejesus out of all of us)... sighs wistfully.

Got some sparklers for the girls which they enjoyed. Didn't get any pics this year though.

Got an admission too! I have finally succumbed to the world of dishcloth knitting! This has been brought about by the availability of Peaches & Creme here in the UK and discloths seemed the appropriate project for such a yarn of legend!!!

Actually, they will end up as facecloths with some lovely handmade soap for christmas pressies. They just about qualify for the fiver christmas pressie that applies to the adults in the family. Only those under 18 qualify for a bona fide gift. Over 18s get a pressie for no more than a fiver!

Will do some socks for one or two bods as well I think. Only cost is time as the yarn is already looking at me ruefully from the sock wool basket!

DH and I are planning a big bike trip next summer. The girls will spend a couple of weeks with the grandparents and we two and the BMW will zoom off into the sunset. This is the infamous 90th birthday trip. I'm 40 at the end of this month and DH will be 50 next year you see. Anyway after much debate we decided to do an extensive trip around Scotland including lots of island hopping which we were both happy about. Having said that, DH has been checking out the Nick Sanders site and wants a bigger adventure so things have changed. It's now a trip to Istanbul!!!

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