Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sunny Sundays

Strangely we had a run of good weather on Sunday for about 4 weeks in October so here's what we did.

Week 1. A walk up Pendle Hill. Was warm enough for shorts and vesty tops. Such a change from all the vile rain there has been ALL summer long

Week 2 - a trip to the Atom. A panopticon at Wycoller. Another gloriously sunny Sunday

Love this place. It's great. You can wander around and inside it and it doesn't look out of place even though it's an odd thing to find in the countryside!

Week 3 - Rivington. Liverpool Castle a folly built by Lord Leverhulme. It's hard to conceive of having so much fortune that you can build a ruin on a whim isn't it!

Week 4 - Girls were with Grandparents as we were going to a 50th birthday bash. We spent the afternoon out on the bike which was brill! Forgot to take the camera so here's an arty photo of the bike in any case. It's a BMW K1200RS for those of you who like to know these things!

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