Monday, 24 November 2008

Just another manic Monday

Just look at my poor little LandRover! I was just strapping my youngest into her car seat when a passing car caught the door, bent it and ripped off the arch trim. I guess the lady just didn't see me. Not what you need right before Christmas though as insurance claims are always a royal pain in the bum. This was so not my fault though. The other driver was either trying to squeeze past or simply didn't see me.

Parking around the school is a problem. It's a narrow country lane and there aren't many spots. I think the other driver was looking further up the road to see if there was a spot closer to the building and didn't notice us. No excuse mind you. It's not as if it's not known that people are picking up children regularly until out of school club shuts at 6. Good job it was coming from behind though as I would have got squashed if it had been the other direction.

Bit of a shocker but there you go.

No one was hurt though which is the most important thing. And you should have seen the other car. Not as robust as the Land Rover so there is a long gouge running down the passenger side and it's minus a wing mirror as well.

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Channon said...

Thank goodness you and the girls were okay. I had a close call yesterday too, with an idiot trying to beat a light, but the lane on my right was open, so I dodged...

That's really scary. Too bad a police officer didn't happen to be right there...