Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hello Postie

Big shout to Modern Knitting for super efficient delivery. Ordered some new sock yarn on Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning. DH a bit naffed off when the doorbell rang at about 8 this morning as the parcel he had was wool for me. I was still all cosy and warm in bed at the time!!

Anyway here's the lovely goodies that arrived

Some of the Opal Harry Potter themed sock wool

Some Opal Rainforest 'Tiger' sock wool

Some Regia Surprise Color sock wool

And some lovely hand dyed Silk Wood sock wool

Baby jacket almost complete. Also started a pair of socks for my brother in law for christmas which are coming on a treat. They are done in Sirdar Town and Country sock wool which has sadly been discontinued.

Other news. Lots of lurgy about at the moment. Youngest has had 2 days off school with it but doing ok now. Big sister bit naffed off about having to go to school and not stay home too... been lots of "it's just not fair" type moaning going on.

My big birthday is fast approaching too. Can't believe that I will be 40 in a week's time. Just don't know where the last 4 decades have gone so quickly! Oh well... they say that life begins so on the whole I'm not overly bothered about it.

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