Sunday, 25 April 2010

Back to the grindstone

Well here I am crocheting together blanket number 2.  Think the granny square madness is beginning to subside a little and have signed up for a Baktus scarf swap just to have a change really.

Been back at work for a week now and the blues have finally lifted. It's always a bit of a bummer turning back to normality after a blissful couple of weeks off the grindstone. Sigh.... Having said that, it's only 5 more weeks until half term.... yay!

Had a bit of good news too. Stepson the elder told us that his wife is preggers.  Really pleased for the two of them. Baby due in October so plenty of time to inundate them with knitted baby stuff.  Already planning a BSJ, crochet blanket and lots of booties and hats. It will be a winter baby so there's TONS of potential knitting/crochet to do. All cute and small too! What a good do.

Wonder if they know what they are letting themselves in for.  Performed a rather extreme act of parental devotion over the weekend.  Both girls used the toilet and suddenly a cry of sheer pain and devastation rent the air.  Daughter the younger had dropped her favourite necklace into the poo-infested toilet bowl. It's a pink plastic pendant encasing a little starfish (which looks real... and I think it might well be real too).  There was no option.... on with the marigolds and had to fish it out for her. Bleughhhh...... After a stint in some bleach you'd never know though. Mind you I may be scarred for life!

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