Saturday, 10 April 2010


It's been fantastic weather today. I was sitting outside in shorts and a vesty top and there was even suncream involved. Great stuff. Got myself set up on the top of the steps and finally finished my Granny Squares. 54 of them altogether. I'm quite proud of myself for not getting distracted by the lovely sock wool I bought recently (2 lots of Regia - another set of Kaffe Fassett Easter colourway and some Flusi in yellow, orange and green) or the Cheap as Chips swap parcel that arrived at the same time.

I am determined to actually start and finish just one project this Easter and it looks like I'm going to do it too! Unlike my usual habit of kicking off something new when it all gets a bit tedious or I acquire a 'must knit' yarn.

Will go and do some more joining up now. Photos to follow tomorrow.

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