Friday, 16 April 2010

Happy Club

Sigh.. the Easter hols are drawing to a close and it's back to work and school on Monday. Spent today contemplating how great it's been these last couple of weeks.

The weather has been excellent. Lots of sunny days to enjoy. Lots of lovely walks and playing out time for the girls and G and D next door. They have become the best of friends and are so lucky to have a wood all to themselves to play in. They also hang out in a conifer at the end of the street which they call the tree house although they really just hang about under the branches at the trunk.  Today they set up a Happy Club. The motto is "turn your sadness into happiness". They spent quite a bit of time planning it all out. Apparantly, Saturday is party day, Sunday is meeting day and on school days it operates from 3.30 until 5.30.  They even wrote out invitations for a couple of kids who live across the street and went and posted them! One of them came straight over to join in the fun and before too long it seemed that every kid in the area was playing down there!

There's been no need to organise many things really as they've been playing away quite happily. This has meant lots of lovely sitting around the back garden keeping an eye on them and crocheting away. Fabulous. Nick has fixed the burst pipe in outside toilet, mended the broken brolly and power washed the steps and back path. It's been fab. Really don't want it to end......

Other notable items. The dog has had a haircut and looks half the size now. Very cute though. Will get a picture of her tomorrow. She kind of likes it but is a bit funny about having paws and rear end trimmed. This makes for a kind of sporran effect from behind. It's a good job she's cute enough not to look completely ridiculous.

Also rhubarb has gone beserk these last couple of days so it looks like rhubarb crumble and custard over the weekend. Yummy!

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