Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Holiday Fun

Well we are into the Easter holidays fully now. So far all has been good. The tooth trauma is over now and distraught daughter suitably consoled by note from tooth fairy and payment even though tooth actually lost in the sewers somewhere!

DH working this week so just me and the girls. How I love working term-time only, it's just so much easier. G and D the kids next door have practically moved in and we've had a really fun day today. They played for hours in the wood at the back of the house and I now have a pile of 26 granny squares so far! Must remember to take a picture. I'm using up some cheap acrylic yarn I got at Lidl last year so brownie points for me for using up stash and not buying more yarn! Good for me!

After playing quite happily,  lots of running about and shouting mostly, it began to get a bit fractious so it was definitely time for a walk. Had to take G and D from next door too. The dog was in need of a bit of exercise too so gathered kids, lead, ball, plastic poo bag and set off. Total chaos. Excitable giddy kids and lead chewing silly dog.

 Off they all ran and left me holding the dog and puffing and panting to keep up. Found them draped artistically over the park railings!
Plenty of steam was let off in the park and lots of muck and dirt attracted in the process. Back home mid afternoon and G and D ended up staying for tea. All got a bit too much again, so nothing for it but to go out for another walk! This is the joy of light evenings. You can nip out after tea for an hour or so and burn off all that energy.

Decided to head up to the cricket ground and wood behind it. 
Found an abandoned space hopper which was bounced all the way home and is now in my back garden... Here we are having our photo taken while I'm taking a pic of DH taking the pic....hmmm... getting a bit of mind melt with that one!

I'll try to clarify a bit. Here we are having a little sit down. The kids proudly showing off the abandoned space hopper that they have now adopted and re-homed. I'm taking a photo of DH.

And here is the view we have from the bench along with DH taking the previous photo!

One of the things I love about spring evenings is the light. In the depths of winter it just sort of suddenly gets dark in the space of what seems like just a few minutes. Once the clocks go forward and you are into spring though, you get a fantastic sunset, dusk, twilight thing going on.  Lots of lovely shadows. It's great and it gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure to see.

I love this picture of the kids' shadows. In a funny kind of way it reminds me of Peter Pan. This set off a bit of an arty farty mood so here are some more pictures of the lovely effects of evening light. The town is a bit higgledly piggedly and there are always lots of roofs to be seen. Also a few peculiar buildings.
Love this funny gatehouse. It's in two halves. Sadly, this half is in a pretty poor state and the roof is starting to go. The other side is looked after and lived in. What a cool house that must be. Owner was pottering about so didn't like to start taking photos of that half while they were looking on!

 Love this old part of town. Really nice hodge-podge of stone buildings. The weather really picked up this evening and the blue sky looked divine. Cue gratuitous church and big sky picture.

I also love the way the sun going down can give you two views of things. Depending on the direction you see ordinary things looking quite beautiful in silhouette.
Or bathed in setting sunshine.

While I was getting carried away with the gorgeousness of everyday objects (like chimneys) and taking arty farty photos, I forgot that I was the only one with a door key on me and found DH waiting stoically on the doorstep. Here he is and it's a gratuitous bike shot too!

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