Monday, 5 April 2010


Hooray! Easter hols have begun.  It's been pretty eventful really in a chilled out and relaxed kind of way.

Took the annual trip to Sedgewick to visit my parents at the caravan site there.  Weather much better than anticipated and we had a really great afternoon.  Took a walk round the site. I think I've already gone on (and on) about how late everything is this year, no doubt because of the very cold winter we've had. It even snowed briefly again on Thursday.  All that aside though we did see lots of DAFFODILS.  Hooray! Thoughts of Wordsworth and his hosts of golden daffodils - highly appropriate since we were in the Lake District.

The River Kent runs alongside the site and there was a group of people canoe-ing along. Looked very exciting and fun. I would imagine pretty chilly though.... brr...

Unfortunately, on the way up there was an accident on the M6 so we did spend a long time  crawling a relatively short distance. Frustrating but can't be helped really.  On the plus side I did get a bit of knitting done. Was on a deadline for a party on Sunday. Also managed to get some more done after the work sitting in the sunshine

I was up until midnight finish this doll off. I did think it was a bit odd having a birthday party on Easter Sunday but you can't help when your birthday is can you? So I duly finished the doll and got to the party venue only to find there was nothing going on. How stupid did I feel when I looked at the invite and realised we were a whole week early.  It's not until next week. Doh! This is a repeat of the Sport Relief Mile fiasco.  Maybe it's the start of a downward spiral. Am I losing the plot? If you see any marbles lying around they are probably mine.  Send them back would you!

While I was frantically knitting away the kids (this includes grandparents of course) were busy building a den.

Off home we went. Natasha proudly showing off her wobbly front tooth which duly fell out shortly before the bedtime and then panic ensued when we realised we'd lost the special little tooth bag that she likes to leave her tooth under the pillow in.  Luckily we found it, and inside a two pound coin from the last tooth fairy visit that we'd forgotten all about! Happy days.... peace and harmony restored.

There's another wobbly tooth on the bottom row but more of that later.

Natasha woke up to a payment from the Tooth Fairy and they both had an easter egg hunt as well. Chocolate fest for much of the weekend has followed.

The weekend has been really great. Weather better than expected so DH power washed the back path and stone steps. They look great.

There has also been lots of dressing up too.  The girls are particularly into the morrocan outfits that my parents brought back for them in February.

DH spent some time scanning in some old slides that his dad found when he was having a clear out recently. They are great. From around 1968/69 we think.

They were on holiday in Magaluf in this photo. Check out DH's sandals (with socks too!) and the flower power dresses!

DH looking ever the poser. Nothing much changes. I'm only surprised he isn't wearing shades. Oh hang on... what's he holding.... I rest my case!

Bottom row wobbly tooth has tenaciously hung on for days despite much fiddling by daughter.  At bedtime tonight it was looking like if was definitely on it's last legs and she was constantly messing with it. It would go left, right, backwards, forwards... all directions. And then, when she was brushing her teeth out it popped and fell straight down the plughole. Devastation, daughter utterly distraught and inconsolable. Have reassured her that tooth fairy will still visit despite lack of tooth to swap.... sigh...have created a tooth fairy note to go with coin this time.... heartbreaking but kind of funny at the same time. Does that make me a bad mummy?

Granny square madness continues. Must get some pics to show you.

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scarletti said...

Brilliant post and am in full sympathy with the tooth travails. Bad mummy you are not - bad mummies wake up in the morning to wails of horror from a Small whose tooth is STILL under her pillow with no exchange having occurred... all real mummies lose their marbles too!!