Friday, 21 May 2010

Best Laid Plans

It's been a funny old week. Lots of unexpected and sometimes annoying stuff going on.

Girls have been under the weather. Older girl has developed an abscess which involved the nightmare of trying to get an emergency dental appointment.  Girl the younger's eyelid swelled up so it was a double whammy as then had doctor's receptionist to battle with as well as dental ones. What is it with these people. It's as if their sole purpose in life is to prevent you from even getting a sniff of a doctor or dentist. Grr...  Anyhow, all my skills of diplomacy, negotiation and persistence paid off and anti-histamine and anti-biotics now working nicely.

Then I've been knitting like a mad woman to finish off my Baktus scarf only to run out of yarn with about 5 inches left to go! Drat!  The wool shop lady is on holiday for another week so I might have to turn to plan B instead (when I figure out what that actually is!!)

On a happier note, the new car is brilliant and I filled it up for the first time yesterday and it was £35. I was amazed. Almost half of what I usually pay with the Land Rover.  Also got some money back from the insurance people and don't have any road tax to pay.  Woot! This is all good and is balancing out my karma like no-one's business.

And look, here's another crochet project....
Can you tell what it is yet?  It's a ripple blanket and it's hopefully going to help me use up my stash of King Cole Merino blend (and then I can justifiably buy some more) stash!

I do like this stuff.  It's really nice wool and superwash too.  Also reasonably priced.  My favourite I think other than sock yarn, of course.

Speaking of sock yarn, I am fortunate enough to work only up the road from Laalbear and I popped round to pick up some sock blockers.  Couldn't resist having a shufty through her fabulous hand dyed yarn and came away with these babies
At the top "Pussyfoot" ( plum colourway) gorgeous merino with some cashmere so it's soooooo stokeably lovely. Slurrrrppppp! At the bottom "Lush" merino (Fairy colourway) also very, very lovely.... Couldn't help myself! Laalbear will be at Woolfest this year so make sure you check out her scrumptious yarns if you are planning to be there.

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