Sunday, 23 May 2010

Kicking a ball about

Was outside last night around 10.30/11.00pm ish and could hear someone kicking a ball around.  Just to explain - across the river at the other side of the wood there is a "youth" hangout spot.  It's next to the leisure centre and there's a skating ramp and a shelter that have been put there for youngsters to hang out in, which they do.  It's a good thing generally as it's not right next to any houses so doesn't disturb too many people.

Anyhow, due to the acoustics around here if there's anyone there at night when the general noise of the day has died down it can be rather loud and annoying up here at the house.  Especially if someone has a car with loud (and usually rubbish) music blaring out.

So I could hear a ball being kicked against the skate ramp. How annoying I thought and was about to start wingeing and complaining to DH when I had second thoughts about it.

It's actually rather sad.  There were no voices so it was a solitary person (can't actually see it for the trees you see so this is all supposition). Then I wondered what age they were likely to be.  An older teenager would probably be hanging out in town in the pubs or certainly where they can be seen. So I reckon they were between 8/9 and 15.  Hopefully anyone younger would be home. How sad is it for a youngster to be on their own kicking a ball around at that time of night.  Why aren't they home?  Is it so much better to be alone kicking a ball than to be there?? You see... really quite sad...

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