Monday, 31 May 2010

Don't speak like you know yoga

Is what daughter the younger said to her sister in the car on the way home from a day out in the lakes.

We went up to Esthwaite which is just down the road from Hawkshead village and a favourite spot of ours for picnic-ing and general pottering about. It's not too well known so you don't get many people. There's only a fishing tackle shop and boat hire there so it's great.
It's such a nice spot. Windermere and Bowness are nice enough but just too full of people shopping in full walking gear for my liking! This was the first "proper" day trip in the new car so we did wonder how we'd manage to transport the four of us, the dog, a picnic and all the other essential bits and bobs (crochet stuff today). In the event it just took a bit of canny packing and we managed just fine. Here's Milly Molly Mazda looking quite at home among the trees on the car park. Luckily, there are picnic tables so we didn't miss sitting in the back of the Land Rover too much. It was a bit blustery with a chilly edge to the wind but otherwise no problem at all.
I just love my little green car. So easy to spot on the carpark!

On with the business of the day then.  The rope swing was still there so everyone had a go. It was a bit shorter than last time so help was needed to get the smalls onto it.

It's just so much fun swinging over the water though. Nick decided to have a go and I was busy taking lots of action shots when there was an almighty thud and he was on the floor! Mostly ok, bloody gash on a hand and seriously dented pride but nothing requiring a trip to casualty. Phew! We were all free to laugh (aren't we mean!!)
This was the moment. I pressed the shutter and thud! We decided to leave the swinging alone for a bit and tried out hand at skimming stones instead.
Then paddling! Ok it was cool and a bit blustery but who can resist the urge to dip their toes in.  The girls can't.
We had a really good time. There were lots of ducks with unbelievably cute babies to feed and a slightly scary and hissy swan that Sally wasn't too keen on.
The hissy swan. Looking rather lovely in this pic but a bit big and scary close up! And here's a gratuitous Sally pic to finish off. Check out the wind swept ears!

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