Sunday, 16 May 2010

Triffids and casting clouts

Finally remembered to get a shot of the rhubarb flowers. I think they look a bit like triffids. They are quite tall. We've also got a little clump of lovely bluebells and the yellow azalea is just flowering (smells gorgeous).
The Hawthorn is a bit late flowering this year but when it all comes out there will be even more heavenly smells around. Love hawthorn flowers.  Let's hope it will begin to warm up soon because as they say;

Cast ne'er a clout 'till May be out

which I take to mean don't give up on the winter woollies until the hawthorn flowers are out. May is another name for hawthorn around these parts. Although some folks argue that may is literally the month of may. Either way, it's not usually warm enough to be walking around in sandals and vesty tops until at least June!

Had a bit of a tidy up around the garden but left this little weed alone because the flowers on it are so pretty.
It really is lovely isn't it.

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