Saturday, 15 May 2010

Zoom Zoom

I have spent the last week researching frugal motorcars and had come to the conclusion that what I needed was a small, diesel car.  It would be cheap to run, be no more than £30 to tax, and undeniably suitable.  Drew up a shortlist and set off to check out the vehicles. Then did the very thing I said I wouldn't do.  Fall in love with the first one I saw and bought it!


Say hello to Milly Molly Mazda!

Not quite as frugal as planned. A petrol rather than a diesel but such fun and I just love the colour. Fun and funky and it feels good to stand out in the hordes of silver and grey you seem to see on the roads these days. Still cheaper on tax and will be cheaper to fill up.  Very small and only 3 doors but the kids can cope with climbing in the back. They are very bendy!! 

Don't care though.... I love it!

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