Monday, 10 May 2010

Bluebell Woods

We were only there a couple of weeks ago but back we went last weekend to see if the Bluebells were actually out this time. And they were!

It was a glorious, sunny day despite a dire weather forecast and as always we were blown away by the fresh green of the new leaves and heavenly purply-blue of the bluebells themselves. Took far too many photos (so what's new) and decided to give you a handy collage instead.  The official girls looking out at the view photo is in there as are some photos of the girls having a go at photography themselves.
Got a lovely close up of some bluebells and am particularly proud of the ladybird shot! Ice cream in Landy at the end of the walk, of course.  Although, sob, sob, for the last time.  See previous post.

Got home and the heavens opened. There was even hailstones at one point. How lucky were we with the trip.
Just look at the soggy flagstones!

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