Sunday, 17 June 2012

Flowers - today the garden, tomorrow the world!

A few more lovelies from the garden today.
Honeysuckle - gone a bit haywire
 All the rain and occasional bursts of sunshine has suddenly made all of the plants and flowers go a little bit bonkers.  Mind you, the fact that I haven't got around to any weeding is also a contributing factor methinks! There's honeysuckle all over the place. Winding around other things and peering out from hidden places all over the garden.  Good job I like it.  I can pretend that it's all intentional.
Little delicate geraniums - also tyranical empire builders
The gorgeous little pink geraniums are back and they are planning to take over the world!  They are really rampant and are taking over huge areas out back at the minute!  It's a good job they are so pretty really isn't it.

And then, in the woody part of the back I spotted this magnificent speciment.
Foxglove - such a glorious, triffid-like plant
Foxglove - such a brilliant name that conjures up all kinds of silly images in my imagination!  Lovely flowers too.  They are so tall.  A bit like triffids, so ever so slightly scary too.  But always so very, very handsome.


scarletti said...

Wow your honeysuckle is out significantly before ours... send us some summer please!!

Padiham Knitter said...

There is a wood at the back of our house and I think it gives us quite a bit of shelter. We are south-ish facing too so we benefit from what little sun there is most days. Almost like a bit of a microclimate! (I Wish)

Still sending summery wishes your way though.