Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Hottest Day of the Year

Hot and sunny in the Langdales
At the end of May found us tramping around the Langdale Pikes.  It was glorious...

We decided to try the girls on a longer and more strenuous walk to see how they would get on.  It was a hot and sunny day so shorts were on and sunblock applied.  We set off from the Old Dungeon Ghyll carpark and headed up to Pavey Ark.  Phew! It was a hot one.  We decided to stop off at Stickle Tarn for a snack and a bit of a paddle for the girls.
Cooling off at Stickle Tarn
Despite the complete absence of any other people in the picture, it was actually quite busy at the tarn and lots of people were having a cooling paddle.  A daft old Labrador dog was swimming around and around and refused to come out.  I think it was a bit old and confused.  It was getting a bit tired so some gallant chaps ended up swimming out to rescue it in the end! All very entertaining stuff.

Onwards to Pavey Ark and the Pikes. Gosh it was all so very high!
Looking back down on Stickle Tarn
One of the Langdale Pikes - Harrison Stickle I think - we went up and down it!
Big Girl triumphant on a rock
Ooh it's a long way down
All in all it took us around 6 hours.  We only covered about 5.5 miles but there was a LOT of ups and downs within the walk.  Absolutely brilliant.  No problem for the girls.  Hot and sweaty and fantastic!

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