Sunday, 17 June 2012


I love flowers.  What's not to love about them.  They are beautiful and so, so varied.  My peonies have been and gone in the flash of an eye this year.  Perhaps the lack of decent weather and "sitting out" time  helped the weeks fly by.  I did manage a couple of shots in a brief break in the rotten rain we've been having so much of lately.
Big, blowsy pink peony
Here and gone so fast
I look forward to the peonies every year.  I am not much of a gardener, so it's always a real joy to see them pop up year after year.  Most years, they are wiped out by wind or rain so it's only a fleeting pleasure but I still adore them.

I enjoy looking at flowers when I am out and about too.  I rarely buy flowers but when I saw these blue chrysanthemums, well I just couldn't resist.  I mean they are just so blue.  True blue.  I don't think I've ever seen such blue flowers before.  They don't look real to me at all but they are.  Had to have them.  Gorgeous.

True blue baby I love you!
Out and about the wild flowers are exceptional this year.  Lots and lots of flowers in the fields.  I can't remember there being so many before.  Maybe the rain is the reason.  Who knows? But they are really full of flowers and so lovely to look at.

Bees on a thistle flower 
Flower filled fields
I think it's Mother Nature's way of apologising for all the bum weather we've been having lately! What do you think?  My mum thinks the weather is similar to 1976 and reckons we are in for a fabulous summer.  I can't really remember it all that well so am not getting my hopes up.  A run of a few dry weeks would do me really.

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