Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pendle Hill - another new route

On how we love Pendle Hill.  It's not the biggest around but it is such a giant in its landscape that it is almost irresistible. You just want to go up there again and again.  Today it wasn't throwing it down so we decided to seize the moment and head up there to blow away the cobwebs. It's the end of the half term holidays and the weather had been pretty dire the last few days - we were all a bit stir crazy.  We packed water proof as it didn't look too promising and set off.

We took a route via Ogden reservoirs and Ogden Clough.  It's also part of the long distance Pendle Way trail.  We thought it might have less people on it and it was quieter than the usual route up the Big End.  Plus it went past a couple of reservoirs which I always enjoy looking at.  I love the quirky stone towers you often find and the elaborate overflow systems that you find there.  Really interesting
Looking back over Lower Ogden Reservoir
Strange concrete posts in the overflow
No idea what they are for but it looks fab!
Ogden Clough - a secret valley
Ogden Clough is a beautiful little valley.  It's hidden from view so it's also a secret valley.  Absolutely stunning.  Also the weather really started to pick up, the clouds parted and we saw blue skies and sunshine. What a turn up for the books.  It was really warm and felt like it was actually June.
At the summit. In the sunshine.  Hooray!
Headed back down to Barley village.  Simply blown away by the loveliness of the season, the scenery and the sunshine.  Can we have some more of this please!
A little piece of heaven... Pendle in the sunshine and a meadow of buttercups

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