Sunday, 10 June 2012

Simonstone - a hidden treat

The weather over half term was a bit of a mixed bag - so it seemed like all our plans for 'big' walks went out the window.  Not to worry, we decided to explore some of our local footpaths.  We'd walked over to Sabden so we decided to follow the Calder and look for the disused railway line.

500 year old St James church, Altham
We are lucky to live in such a great spot for walking and cycling.  Only a 10 minute walk and you are in the middle of beautiful countryside.  Across the river is this lovely old church.  You don't notice it on the main road that runs past but it's a real land mark in the fields.
Fly fishing on the River Calder
Watched this man in his waders fly fishing for a while and then chatted to another chap with a camera who was waiting to see if he could catch a glimpse of the Peregrine Falcon that's been seen around lately. We didn't spot it sadly.
Who says it's grim up north?
There used to be a railway line running through these parts.  You can just see a tumble down part of it to the right of the photo above.  There is a proposal to restore it for walking and cycling but I think that is a while off yet.  There are lots of hidden bridges and tunnels knocking about though which are fabulous.
Little old tunnel under the disused railway
I love it at this time of year.  The hawthorne is out and it smells so summery.  We spotted some pink hawthorn which you don't see so much around here.  It's usually the white snowy stuff.
Pink hawthorn
Again, I am truly grateful to live in a place with all of this on our doorstep.  

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