Monday, 29 October 2012


Ok so I live on street and there's no residents only parking or anything like that, but I am really cheesed off with the manky 05plate Ford that has been parked right in front of my house for the ENTIRE weekend.

I don't mind if I can't park in front now and again.  It's a public area, anyone may park.  It's just downright rude to abandon your car for THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.

Makes it difficult to haul your shopping in, attach bikes to and from the back of your car and is just really inconvenient.

I am so cross that I am up early this Monday morning even though it's the half term holidays, hoping to catch a glimpse of the owner of the crappy ford and give them a really hard stare!


Daisie said...

I hear you! It's like that here (we're near Shuttleworth) and every time there's an event or hometime you cannot park. I know it's not my spot, it's public road but I am always really careful when visiting people to not park outside someone's home, even if it means walking that little bit further, it's just nice. I wish more people would think! I hope your stare taught them a lesson!! x

Padiham Knitter said...

Sadly it is now 9.30 and the owner of the car has not yet appeared. Hope they haven't gone away for the week!! Arghh!! I really don't mind the odd time not being able to park. It's just a pain when the thing is left for so long. It's not something I would do mainly because it really annoys me! Living near a school is always going to cause a bit of parking trouble but hopefully it's only for relatively short bursts.

Can't report it as an abandoned vehicle as tax is not out of date.


Hard stare now in danger of morphing into direct action! Maybe a snotty note under windscreen wiper...although the temptation to snap off wipers is growing by the minute. Must resist!