Sunday, 21 October 2012

Home Made Bling

At work it is widely known that I love my knitting and crochet so quite often people will bring in projects or other crafty bits to show me.  I am a willing and appreciative viewer of such items!  Well one of the ladies brought in some bracelets she had made at a class at a bead shop in Penwortham.  It is called Beads Forever.  They were really impressive, and, as quite a few of us were oohing and ahhing, she decided to show us how it was done.

They are sewn beaded bracelets using tiny seed beads, firepolished crystal beads and square Tila beads.  I did the pink one with my friend who kindly supplied all the beads and bits and bobs.  But I got the bug so went to the shop for more beads and made the blue one a couple of days later.

Both have been claimed by the girls of course but I will no doubt be making more.
Being me, I didn't stop there.  I decided to venture down the micro-macrame road also and have a go at a knotted bracelet.  They are quite trendy at the moment.  Here's my first attempt.  I think it's pretty good. Just need some glue so that I can trim the final knots without the whole thing unravelling!