Monday, 29 October 2012

A sunny stroll, leaves and ladybirds

Yesterday was an awful day compared to the sunshiny splendour of Saturday.  A real washout.  Stuck in all day pretty much. Today was much nicer, so after getting the shopping done and having lunch, we set off around the park and cemetery to check out the lovely colours.

Late afternoon sunshine
We headed off up the cobbled alley to check out the leaf fall.  I can't help wondering why there is blocked up window or small doorway. Whatever could it have been? Onwards we went, only pausing to have a word with Sallydog about her pulling on the lead a bit too much!
Er... It's MY lead and I will take control little missy
Round the corner to see a splendid golden view.  Lovely.  We all agreed that Autumn is the most spectacular season
Took a left at the end of the lane and headed down to the Cemetery.
The entrance to Padiham Cemetery
It's been rather neglected over the last 10 or 15 years which is a real shame.  However, just of late, there has been some work going on to tidy it up a bit.  It's been a community service scheme so there is quite an improvement.  It's still marvellously spooky though!
Sunshine streaming around the disused chapel
Much neater now some attention has been paid to the older parts
Through we trundled and into Memorial Park which is handily next door to admire yet more glorious displays of autumn splendour and had to have ANOTHER word with the Sallydog about her hogging the lead.
I already TOLD you... this is MY lead
Memorial Park looking rather splendid
Finally we spotted something a little out of season.  A ladybird.  Maybe the last one we'll see this year.  Who knows....

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scarletti said...

Great piccies. Love all those shapes and colours in the churchyard.